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Manta Next Gen Raptor Exhaust System

Manta Next Gen Raptor Exhaust System

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As a leading innovator in performance exhaust systems, we are excited to bring you Manta Exhaust Products - the first to bring to market these 100% Australian-made Next Gen Raptor Exhaust Systems.

Ignite the raw power of your Next Gen Ranger Raptor with the cutting-edge Manta Performance Twin 3in Exhaust System. Crafted for the modern off-road conqueror, this high-performance upgrade unleashes the beast within, elevating your driving experience to new heights. Engineered by one of Australia's premier exhaust manufacturers, Manta Performance delivers unparalleled power, sound, and style for your Ranger Raptor.

Designed for maximum performance, our exhaust system replaces the factory setup, breathing new life into your Ranger Raptor. Available as a turbo-back system with high-flow cats or as a cat-back exhaust, it offers versatility to suit your preferences.

Experience the thrill of enhanced performance as our exhaust system unlocks the true potential of your Ranger Raptor. Say farewell to the restrictions of your stock exhaust and revel in the commanding roar that echoes through the trails.

Key Features of the Manta Next Gen Ranger Raptor Exhaust:

Unmatched Performance | Our exhaust system outperforms the factory setup, delivering superior power and torque for an exhilarating driving experience.

Signature Sound | Immerse yourself in the deep, aggressive exhaust note that commands attention wherever you go. Hear the difference with our cat-back and turbo-back systems in the video below.

Bi-Modal Valve Integration | Seamlessly transition between exhaust modes with our bi-modal valve, offering refined cruising or unleashed Baja mode at the flick of a switch.

Elevate Your Ranger Raptor's Look | An aggressive twin-tip side exist setup with black powedercoated tips to match.

Visual Appeal | Make a statement with the bold Manta exhaust tips, featuring polished stainless-steel construction and distinctive branding.

Quality Build | Built to last, our exhaust system is crafted from premium stainless steel, ensuring durability and resilience against rugged terrain.

Effortless Installation | Enjoy hassle-free installation with our cat-back system, taking just 45 minutes for DIY installation. Opt for the full system for a professional-grade upgrade.

Compatibility | Tailored for the 2022 onwards V6 Twin-Turbo Ford Ranger Raptor, our exhaust system ensures a perfect fit without compromise.

Unleash the full potential of your Ranger Raptor with the Manta Performance Twin 3in Exhaust System. Embrace the power, sound, and style that define the ultimate off-road adventure. Say goodbye to ordinary and ignite the extraordinary with Manta Performance.

Manta Performance offers a 12-month manufacturer's warranty on parts fitted for the Twin 3" Raptor Exhaust System.


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