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Electric Roller Shutter - Next Gen Ranger & Next Gen Raptor

Electric Roller Shutter - Next Gen Ranger & Next Gen Raptor

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The Next Gen Ford Ranger Electric Roller Shutter (Gen 2 Ford Raptor Roller Shutter) by VIKOR INDUSTRIES offers a premium, clean and secure solution for your tub.

A real shout for the those Next Gen Ranger owners (and many other ute owners) seeking an Electric Roller Shutter that offers class and style, without compromising on quality and functionality.

You can now open, close and pause the retractable roller cover with with your FACTORY KEY, or via the VIKORES Mobile App. With professional installation, you can also open and close the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutter with a switch installed in either the tub or your cabin.

The Low Profile (Single Channel) design finishes off the premium VIKOR INDUSTRIES Next Gen Ranger Tub, allowing for re-fitting of OEM sports bars, as well as many popular aftermarket sports bars, tub racks and other Next Gen Ranger accessories (with minor customisations). These include certain sports bars from our partners at Hamer 4x4 Australia and Option 4WD.

With added IP from the engineering and VIKOR INDUSTRIES design team in Perth, Western Australia, we are so confident our product meets the unique demands of the Australian market that we offer an industry-leading 24-month warranty on all VIKOR INDUSTRIES Electric Roller Shutters.

Installation by qualified professional is required. Please message us for a list of trusted dealers near you.

Other features of the Next Gen Ranger Roller Shutter / Next Gen Ford Raptor Electric Roller Shutter include:

  • Made from premium, lightweight aluminium with self-lubricated nylon rollers.
  • A clutch geared motor assembly which is housed in a smaller canister unit to optimise the amount of space in your tray (extends approx. 33cm from inside of tub).
  • Efficient and quiet open/close process, which takes approximately 9 seconds to fully open/close (can be adjusted in the VIKORES Mobile App).
  • Waterproof / Weather resistant design utilising VIKOR INDUSTRIES' exclusive sealing and water drainage systems.
  • Theft-resistant design for added security.
  • Ultra-long LED light strip placed inside the shutter (on the centre-point of canister unit) which has a three-stage adjustment (low/med/high).
  • A simple installation process utilising a clamp system and basic wiring (professional installation recommended, especially for factory key coding and cabin switch).
  • Jamming prevention technology to avoid limbs / tub contents from being caught in Electric Roller Shutter.
  • Keychain Remote Control (+ spare) with start, stop and pause buttons & light control (only with Gen1 and Raised (Double Channel) shutter options).
  • Raised (Double Channel) accommodates most aftermarket tub accessories as well as the VIKOR INDUSTRIES Heavy Duty Cross Bars. Please ensure you have factory J-Brace fitted to avoid any potential warranty issues.

Please don't hesitate to contact us for more details, or for a referral to an installation professional near you. Please note that the pictures displayed are for illustrative purposes only and accompanying accessories are not included as standard with your Next Gen Ranger Roller Shutter.

Installation Time

4-5 Hours (approx. with a clean tray) + Coding Time + Sports Bar Reinstallation Time


34 - 45kg (depending on Electric Roller Shutter vehicle)



Next Gen Ranger Electric Roller Shutter Control


Factory Key Coding

Cabin OR Tub Switch

Standard Keychain Remote Control (Gen1 and Double Channel Raised ShuttersONLY)

Terms & Conditions

*Pictures are for display purposes only, and the actual product may slightly vary.

*We strongly recommend regular cleaning of the shutter to ensure dust and foreign elements don't interfere with product functionality.

*Off-road use and overloading may subject the shutter to scratching and fault. This will void manufacturers' warranty on Electric Roller Shutter.

*Recommended dynamic load capacity of no more than 75kg if Ford Factory J-Brace is installed (Gen1 and Double Channel Raised). No added weight recommended for Low Profile Shutter.

*Professional installation recommended.


Next Gen Ranger Roller Shutter
Next Gen Ford Raptor Roller Shutter (Gen 2 / 2022+).

Sports Bar  Compatibility

Low Profile (Single Channel) Electric shutter is compatible with factory and aftermarket sports bars and some tub racks (customisation may be required). Aftermarket Sail Plane can also be optioned on.

Factory Sports Bars and other tub accessories can be used with Double Channel (Raised) Electric Shutter, but please note accessories will naturally sit approx. 30-35mm higher.


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Care Instructions

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